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Bounce Trap Tilt Lite

4.6 ( 4566 ratings )
游戏 액션 아케이드
开发 PlayScreen, LLC

Bounce Trap Tilt Is Highly Addictive Fun

"... this iPhone puzzle game is fun. Its got the addictiveness part down pat. This is one of the first iPhone games that Id deem worthy for an actual gamer."
- Hands-On,

"Addiction is a cruel mistress. She sneaks up on you, luring you with promise of pleasure. Its a rouse, a trap – one time and youre hooked. Bounce Trap ensnares you with its easy-to-learn gameplay, drawing you back with its subtle strategic depth. ... Bounce Trap provides polished casual play with enough depth to entertain a seasoned gamer."
- PocketGamer

"With a mixture of action, strategy, and chance Bounce Trap can get fairly addicting and will provide entertainment for young and old."
- AppCraver

"This game is just excellent. The graphics are bright, crisp and smooth. The music is fantastic, and the sound effects are spot on. I absolutely love this title. And did I mention its horribly addictive! A must own."
- UltimateOwnage



Action, Strategy and Chance come together in this exciting new game for the iPhone. Bounce Trap Tilt Lite will challenge your its unique play that combines reaction time, planning, and tactics. Bounce Trap Tilt Lite takes the best elements of pinball, pachinko, puzzles and creates a new classic in the tradition of Tetris, Bejewled and Peggle.

Bounce Trap Tilt Lite features a great tap-anywhere interface, tilt control of balls when released, superb graphics and animation, and a unique musical score created just for this game.

Easy to play, hard to master ... Bounce Trap Tilt Lite will delight and challenge you. Available for iPhone and iPod touch

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